Cornerstone Services offers Full Administrative Services to employers to maintain complete compliance with Federal COBRA requirements and additional state requirements if applicable. The fees quoted below are for FULL SERVICES to UPDATE the employers' plan and KEEP the employer's plan in compliance.

Number of Covered Employees One-Time Setup Fee Monthly Administration Fee Qualifying Event Fee
1-19 $400 $75 None
20-49 $500 $100 None
50-99 $600 $125 None(1)
100-149 PER CASE $150 None(1)
150+ PER CASE $! per employee None(1)

(1)  There is no qualifying event fee for a turnover rate of 20% or less of covered employees during a given 12 month period. If there is a turnover rate greater than 20% in a given twelve month period, there is a $30 per qualifying event fee above the 20%.

These rates are guaranteed for 12 months from the beginning of a contract year.

... Assures Employers of Compliance with all Federal Regulations that could affect COBRA procedures

... Helps protect Employers from Lawsuits by establishing efficient record-keeping and audit procedures

... Administers changes brought on by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

... Provides continuation information to meet State requirements for multi-state employee locations

... Alerts Employers to any Major developments from Federal agencies that could affect COBRA compliance

... Has over 30 years experience in employee benefits

... Is your solution to COBRA administration and proper COBRA law compliance
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