1. Misunderstanding of who the COBRA Law applies to.

If an employer had 20 employees (adding together full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.) for at least 50% of working days during the previous calendar year, employer is subject to COBRA in current year.

2. Lack of Information Concerning COBRA Law.

Legislation makes Employer responsible but no program to educate.

3. Administrative Errors.

Failure to send initial notices to employee within 30 days of becoming covered under the group medical/dental plan.

Failure to send initial notices to spouse.

Failure to interpret proper application of COBRA law (e.g. employee dropping spouse coverage without proof of divorce).
  • Send initial COBRA notification when employee or spouse first becomes covered by the group medical or dental plan
  • Document that Initial COBRA notification was properly sent
  • Identity Qualifying Events (QEs)
  • Notify COBRA Administrator of QEs
  • Distribute QE Notices to Qualified Beneficiaries (QBs)
  • Handle coverage issues during the QBs election period
  • Send Notice of COBRA Unavailability (If determined by the Plan Administrator)
  • Send Notice of Early COBRA Termination (If determined by the Plan Administrator) along with health-plan options for the qualified beneficiary
  • Process COBRA election forms
  • Bill and track QBs who elect coverage
  • Handle COBRA premiums
  • Provide open enrollment information ot QBs
  • Notify QBs of benefit changes, rate changes, or coverage termination
  • Send conversion material (if applicable)
  • Issue HIPAA Certificate of Coverage
... Assures Employers of Compliance with all Federal Regulations that could affect COBRA procedures

... Helps protect Employers from Lawsuits by establishing efficient record-keeping and audit procedures

... Administers changes brought on by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

... Provides continuation information to meet State requirements for multi-state employee locations

... Alerts Employers to any Major developments from Federal agencies that could affect COBRA compliance

... Has over 30 years experience in employee benefits

... Is your solution to COBRA administration and proper COBRA law compliance
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